We are now in the “new normal”, a society where social distancing is at its peak and wearing masks is a must. A lot more emphasis is being put on sanitation and hygiene now which is a good thing and also something that we must adapt to our everyday lives even when things go back to the way they were. After all, our health and availability to our family will always be one of our greatest contributions so it is best to take care of ourselves.

As businesses and companies have slowly been allowed to resume their operations, they have been mandated to follow a set of rules and guidelines that ensures their safety. One of these rules have been to sanitize within the office to make sure that all employees are safe. One of the easiest ways that offices and companies have been compliant with this requirement is by placing hand sanitizers in the workplace. Employees use their hands regularly through out the day for multiple tasks so it is best to keep the hands clean.

Hand sanitizers are a quick way to solve this problem for all types of workplaces so putting them in a place where it is accessible for employees is always a great idea. Hand sanitizers are significant alternatives to handwashing because they kill germs and are very accessible. In short, hand sanitizers have a lot of considerable benefits so let us take a look at some of them:

  • Accessibility– One of the great advantages of hand sanitizers have been their accessibility. A lot of employees are forced to stay at their workstations for long periods of time because of their immense workload. Whether it be their office desk or the kitchen, they do not have as much time to go to the bathroom and wash their hands. To combat this, hand sanitizers are great solutions because they are much more accessible and can be used whenever needed. People also have the option of buying their own portable hand sanitizers which they can place in their pockets or bags to make it more accessible.
  • Kills Germs– Hand sanitizers contain either ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol to help eliminate germs. Some brands of hand sanitizers even have both types of alcohol in them to ensure safety. This is a very important benefit of hand sanitizers as we do not see the germs, bacteria, or viruses that we come into contact with. Hand sanitizers deal with this as they quickly kill microorganisms. However, we must keep in mind that hand sanitizers are just alternatives to handwashing and some germs may be hard to eliminate without soap and water.
  • Easy to Use– All you have to do to apply hand sanitizer is to put a small amount on your palm, rub it thoroughly, and you will be good to go. They are very fast and easy to use on the hands. They are waterless so you won’t have to wait in line at the bathroom or get up out of your seat to use them.
  • Good for Sensitive Skin– Some hand soaps in public restrooms have formulas that can easily irritate the skin. Hand sanitizers on the other hand are good for sensitive skin and some can even improve the condition of the skin. Some hand sanitizers contain essential oils to moisturize the skin which is why they are preferred by a lot of people. Just remember that the hand sanitizer you will be using also has a good concentration of alcohol. The CDC recommends using a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol in order to be effective against germs.

Now that we have seen the benefits of hand sanitizers at work, it is also good to know where to place them so they can easily be seen and accessed.

  1. The Doors

Doorknobs are hotbeds for germs and bacteria because almost everyone touches them. Be sure to put hand sanitizers here so people can instantly use them upon entering or leaving the workplace.

  1. Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms usually have a lot of people in them. From employees to clients and visitors, there will be a lot of handshakes being exchanged and conversations being made. These interactions will allow the spread of germs and bacteria so having hand sanitizers in these places can help deal with that issue.

  1. Cafeterias and Breakrooms

Cafeterias and breakrooms are usually where most people hangout, so it is loaded with bacteria. Placing hand sanitizers here can help lessen the risks of contracting any viruses especially when people eat their food.

  1. Desks

Each employee should be given easy access to hand sanitizers. We use our hands for most of our work whether it be typing in a report or signing some papers. Having access to hand sanitizers can help give employees assurance that they are safe in their workplace.

Hand sanitizers can reduce up to 97% of the bacteria in our hands allowing us to work freely without contracting any germs. Proper hand hygiene has been said to reduce employee absenteeism by up to 40% and employees who use these hand sanitizers up to 5 times a day are 67% less likely to get sick. Overall, hand sanitizers are great investments to have in our workplace to keep all employees safe and to be more efficient.

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