Face masks have become essential to our everyday lives. We don’t just make sure we have our keys, phone, and wallet when we leave the house anymore. Face masks are another necessary item to add to the list. Government guidelines advise us to wear Face masks whenever possible when we are out of our homes but since Face masks can be difficult to come by; government guidelines suggest ‘face coverings’ as an alternative. But what does this really mean? Are all face coverings the same? What differences do they have to Face masks or respirators? Not very many people know.

Differences between face coverings, respirators, and surgical face masks.

When looking for the right face mask, it can be difficult to wade through all the nonsense of what works and what doesn’t. But to put it simply:

Face coverings – These are any piece of cloth or fabric that cover the nose, mouth and chin. They do not necessarily have to have any filtration efficiency but the World Health Organisation does suggest a face covering with at least three layers.

See here for guide on face coverings: https://youtu.be/iYE0A-5wd14

Respirators & Surgical face masks – These are both examples of personal protective equipment (PPE) that are used to protect the wearer from airborne particles such as dust, fumes, or bacteria and from liquid contaminating the face. Surgical Face masks are loosely fitted to the face and tend to be more comfortable compared to a respirator, which tends to be more fitted.

PPE Company Care provides FFP2 Face masks and Surgical Type IIR Face masks, which fall into the ‘Respirator & Surgical Face mask’ category. Face masks that fall under this category must hold the proper certification in order to be sold and worn in the intended country. All products at PPE Company Care are CE certified and FDA pending, which assures quality PPE you can trust. Having high quality Face masks ensures the best protection for you and others around you, which is why high quality Face masks are essential in the workplace.

Why Face masks are important in the workplace?

Face masks are essential everywhere but especially in the workplace. Not only are we protecting each other from the virus and adhering to government guidelines, we are also choosing to adapt to the ‘new normal’. Wearing Face masks in the workplace is both about protection and making you and your employees comfortable in an environment that could potentially be infectious. Knowing that everyone is working together to protect each other the best they can improves your work space and comforts you and your employees to work without the looming risk of infection. It is important to remember that Face mask wearing should be combined with social distancing measures and washing hands regularly. Or if hand washing is not always an option PPE Company Care provides alcohol based hand sanitiser, anti bacterial wipes, and gloves (along with FFP2 and Surgical Type IIR Face masks) in a compact, portable care kit.

Face masks are essential to our everyday lives, and providing both yourself and others with the same standard Face mask protection will create a comfortable and safe environment for everybody to work in the ‘new normal’.

FFP2 Face masks and Surgical Type IIR Face masks can be purchased in portable, compact PPE Care Kits at ppecompanycare.com. PPE Company Care is committed to helping businesses get back on their feet and moving forward into the ‘new normal’. Monthly PPE Care Kit subscriptions are available to be delivered to your business every month no matter the quantity. Let’s move forward. Together.