Our Story

Hi, my name is Michelle Choudhury and I am a co-owner of a company called PPE Company Care Ltd that provides luxury PPE Care Kits for any industry in need of adapting to the ‘new normal’.

We’d like to give you a bit of a background on how the company was formed, PPE Company Care Ltd was started due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I am a partner of a global chauffeur company and when the pandemic hit us back in March, like many businesses in the hospitality industry, we were left decimated. Not knowing when the travel industry would pick back up, we decided that we needed to prepare for its comeback, regardless of when that would be, we had to be proactive and move forward with a positive mindset.

As we put together a duty of care plan and initiated to provide car-kits in our chauffeur cars, we began our own individual search for a pack that contained all the necessary PPE essentials that clients would need in order to travel and putting safety first. However, upon researching the market, there seemed to be a lot of poor quality products and kits out there that simply did not meet our standards.

We communicated with our local council, trading standards and the British Standards Institution (BSI), seeking for the correct guidance and advice before putting together the product. This is where PPE Company Care was born. We researched, purchased our own products and designed our own care kits with packaging taking place in the UK.

As much as we love our product, Unity is paramount today and we are all in it together. We have innovated a quality premium product to your respected industries and “Preparing you for the new normal”.

Please get in touch for any further information at: info@usa.ppecompanycare.com or chat with a member of the team on our live chat, we are ready and waiting to serve your needs. Stay safe and stay healthy. Thank you.

PPE Company Care Team

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Michelle Choudhury

Mia Choudhury
Sales & Marketing Manager

Layla Choudhury
Customer Engagement Manager

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