The COVID-19 pandemic affected the economy of almost every country in the world. Employees were forced to stay at home and work remotely while some businesses had to shut down their operations altogether. Now, as the world has slowly progressed to go back to the way it was, more companies have begun to get back on their feet and resume their operations under strict guidelines from national governments. As offices are now being utilized again, it is imperative that we disinfect them and keep them clean.

An average employee will spend about 8 hours a day in their job and 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime. This means that we spend most of our lives at work and in our respective offices, giving us more reason to clean them and keep them disinfected from any germs or bacteria. It’s a good thing that offices will usually have custodians or janitors, but it is always a good idea to help disinfect your office, especially your own desk or corner.

Helping disinfect your office will not only keep you safe from any germs, but you will also be able to move freely and peacefully, knowing that your office is clean. Here are some DIY tips for disinfecting your office.

  • Organize Your Stuff– This is usually the first step to disinfecting the office, yet a lot of people seem to overlook it. It is easier to clean and disinfect your desk when it has already been arranged. Take out any trash or unnecessary items within your vicinity to help make the cleaning job much easier when you start to do so.
  • Wear Disposable Gloves– Disposable gloves are great investments for employees because they prevent the hand from getting dry, especially when employees with sensitive skin use cleaning solutions. Wearing disposable gloves is also faster and more efficient than having to go to the bathroom and washing your hands so you can save a lot of time.
  • Use Anti-Bacterial Wipes– Using anti-bacterial wipes is a great start to cleaning small portions of your office like your desks or even your computers. They help decrease the presence of bacteria and viruses and are easy to use because you do not have to make a cleaning solution anymore. These wipes already have a cleaning solution in them, and once you are done, you can just throw them away.
  • Clean the Usually Touched Areas– Make sure you emphasize cleaning the usually touched areas of your office. This can be your doorknobs, light switches, and even your computer. You can wipe these areas with a cleaning solution, alcohol, or anti-bacterial wipes.

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